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Wallpaper challenge


This challenge is now over. Take a look at the results. And if you missed this one, don't worry. We'll issue a new wallapper challenge soon!


You've seen our fantastic wallpaper. You've marveled at our bitterness and wit. But maybe you're bitter too. And you want to share with us. Or maybe you really don't want to share, but this site isn't really about what you want is it? No. It's about what we want. And what we want is for you to open up to us. Share the bitterness. Purge those demons. Everyone's got demons, whether it's Angel's god-awful duster or Willow's crack-whoredness or Xander's unrequited love for Spike. And we're here to help. Not by listening, not by caring, but by making you, we mean "giving you", something to do. And it'll be fun! We promise! And there may be prizes! We don't know! We've talked about it, but we're lazy. So, who knows!


The Rules


1. Do what we say.

2. No, we mean it. What we say.

3. Any entries that do not do what we say will be summarily mocked. Publically. Moreso than the others.


The Actual Challenge


You are going to create wallpaper. There will be "suggestions" for you to follow. For instance, please note Suck This' lovely creation below. It was suggested that she do an unconventional pairing from the classic episode "Go Fish". It was also strongly recommended that she prominently feature Sarah McLachlan lyrics. These are not your guidelines, yours are below.

Your wallpaper will be 1024x768 pixels.




Buffy season seven is going back to the beginning, so what the hell, so are we. And we handily have the season one recaps up for you to refer to, so you have no excuse for whining.


Create romantic and sweet (read: bitter and twisted) wallpaper from season one that features:

1. Quotes from season one, any episode. Or even multiple episodes! And don't be stingy with 'em, we want to see at least three quotes per masterpiece. Though, really, we'd like more.

2. Your favorite couple. Come on, folks, don't hold back. We're not judgmental here. Well...not really.

3. An inanimate object.

4. See? See how easy we're being? What are you waiting for? Go on, get your twisted groove on, and when you're done send it to or


You've got two weeks. Stop slacking. Entries are due October 16, 2002.


Check back for the winners! The losers! Those we judge! Those we mock mercilessly! Except yours. We won't mock yours. Really. Just everyone else's. So send it in already.



Psyche's transcripts for quotes

Buffy's World

A Buffy screencap site





Suck This' lovely masterpiece. Doesn't it just tug at your heart?