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We realize that we don't actually have quotes from many episodes here. We figure there's no need to do the early seasons, since there are more than enough sites around with quotes already, so we may as well embrace our slacker natures and use the sites already out there. We're hoping to provide you quotes for season seven, since we figure that with those episodes being new and all, not so many sites provide quotes for them, and we want to be here for you. However, as you can see, we're pretty hit and miss with the episodes at the moment. Hopefully one day we'll fill in what we've skipped.


Also, we basically just include the quotes that we like as we watch the episode. We don't have a scientific method or anything like that. If you think you heard a line in the episode that we don't include here, well, you're probably right. We may have been off getting more BBQ potato chips around that time.









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