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Buffy: It's about power. Who's got it. Who knows how to use it.

Dawn: But he's new! He doesn't know his strength. He might not know those fancy martial arts skills they inevitably pick up.

Witty Banter Vampire: Excuse me. I think I'm stuck. My foot's caught on a root or something.

Dawn: Plus, I had a plan the whole time. I planned to get killed, come back as a vampire, and bite you.

Willow: There's this look that they get. Like I'm going to turn them all into bangers and mash or something. I'm not even really sure what that is.

Giles: In the end, we are who we are. No matter how much we appear to have changed.

Buffy: You put the box near the milk. I saw it on the food channel.

Buffy: Peachy with a side of keen. That would be me.

Buffy: And stay away from hyena people. Or any lizardy-type athletes. Or if you see anyone that's invisible.

Dawn: I think it's pretty safe to say I'm not going to see anyone that's invisible.

Buffy: It's my hair. I have mom hair.

Dawn: I know. You never know what's coming. The stake is not the power. To Serve Man is a cookbook. I love you. Go away!

Dawn: I'm very into Britney Spears early work, before she sold out. So mostly her finger painting and macaroni art. Very underrated.

Buffy: More like a plaid. Kind of a clan tartan of badness, really.

Buffy: No, she's much much worse than me. Troublemaker. Expulsion is really the only way to go. Or you could suspend her for three years.

Buffy: Wrong sister. I'm the one who dates dead guys. And no offense, but they were hotties.

Lessons we've learned: our review

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