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Icony goodness: gifts


Boils and blinding torment presents custom icons, specially made just for you! Download them and use them for your live journal! As your avatar on posting boards! Send them to friends! Talk to them! Laugh with them! Cry with them! All they need is love!


These icons are 100 x 100 pixels. Just right-click and choose save as to make them your own. We'll be adding new ones each week, so check back!


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Our gifts to others...



Our belated gift to Smurfette, who just loved our recap of Amends.



B&BT interprets NYSNC's Up Against the Wall using Buffy and Angel's love, for amberlynne, who answered our wallpaper challenge








B&BT gives R.T., from our message boards, a Riley icon of love



B&BT gives Mike, who claims he doesn't watch Buffy, a way to deal with suck this