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But the pain... love, you don't understand, it's... it's searing. It's, um, blinding.




we heap on the pain



November 18 , 2004

angel 1.1: city of recap

new icons


October 8, 2004

graduation day part 1 recap

graduation day part 2 recap

new icons


August 26, 2004

earshot recap

choices recap

the prom recap


June 19, 2004

angel 5.17: underneath

angel 5.18: origin

angel 5.19: time bomb

angel 5.20: the girl in question

angel 5.21: power play

angel 5.22: not fade away


June 14, 2004

enemies recap

April 15, 2004

angel 5.16: shells


March 6, 2004

angel 5.15: a hole in the world

angel 5.14: smile time


March 1, 2004

angel 5.11: damage


February 23, 2004

angel 5.13: why we fight

angel 5.12: you're welcome


February 1, 2004

angel 5.10: soul purpose recap

angel 5.9: harm's way recap


December 31, 2003

the freshman recap

angel 5.8: destiny recap


December 1, 2003

consequences recap

dopplegangland recap

angel 5.7: lineage


November 14, 2003

bad girls recap

angel 5.6: the cautionary tale of numero cinco


November 5, 2003

tru calling recap

angel 5.5: life of the party recap

the now that buffy's over, we can still keep watching game


October 30, 2003

new halloween e-cards


October 29, 2003

new e-cards


October 27, 2003

the zeppo recap
angel 5.4: hellbound


October 24, 2003

angel 5.3: unleashed recap


October 13, 2003

angel 5.2: just rewards recap

gingerbread recap

helpless recap


October 8, 2003

angel 5.1: conviction recap

October 3, 2003

amends recap


September 25, 2003

lover's walk recap
the wish recap

August 27, 2003

band candy recap
revelations recap

July 19, 2003

homecoming recap


July 13, 2003

what the bejeezus are jaffa cakes?

faith, hope, and trick recap

beauty and the beasts recap

new e-cards

new icons


June 14, 2003

got questions? our season seven faq


May 30, 2003

after the end - we recap top model


May 20, 2003

chosen recap


May 19, 2003

new e-cards

end of days recap

touched recap


May 15, 2003

empty places recap


April 26, 2003

dirty girls recap

anne recap

dead man's party recap


March 29, 2003

lies my parents told me recap


March 3, 2003

storyteller recap

337 quotes in the database


February 28, 2003

get it done recap


February 25, 2003

first date recap


February 13, 2003

sweet and romantic valentine's day cards


February 9, 2003

killer in me recap


February 3, 2003

why willow has always been gay, always will be gay, and thinks boys are yucky: a comprehensive guide to the clues evident throughout seven seasons


January 25, 2003

potential recap


January 12, 2003

showtime recap


January 1, 2003

We're a Hellmouth Central January pick of the month


December 31, 2002

killed by death recap

i only have eyes for you recap

go fish recap

becoming 1 recap

becoming 2 recap


December 24, 2002

The idiot's guide to continuity on Buffy the Vampire Slayer


December 23, 2002

new e-card

new icons


December 17, 2002

bring on the night recap


December 15, 2002

passion recap


December 14, 2002

never leave me recap


December 8, 2002

new holiday e-cards

new icons: our tribute to Jonathan

vyra's site kicks ass. and we're bitter.


December 5, 2002

new holiday e-cards

new icons


November 29, 2002

cordy and conner 4eva


November 27, 2002

xander. the one without the superpowers.


November 21, 2002

recap: bewitched, bothered, and bewildered


November 20, 2002

recap: sleeper

quotes: conversations with dead people

recap: conversations with dead people

new wallpaper: Holden



November 19, 2002

"OK, but are you killing me because I'm evil, or because you opened up?"


November 18, 2002

phases recap


November 17, 2002

angel top ten


November 10, 2002

him recap

him quotes

new wallpaper

new icons

new e-card

new banners for linking us


site restructure:

wallpaper page

quotes page

icons page


features page

article archive



October 31, 2002

selfless recap

who answered our wallpaper challenge?

new icons

we're fangirl's site of the month for november!

new banner for linking us


October 22, 2002

same time, same place recap


October 20, 2002

help recap


October 19, 2002

ted recap

innocence recap

new e-cards

more referrer log mocking


October 17, 2002

bad eggs recap

new icony goodness


October 14, 2002

surprise recap

icony goodness

what a surprise we must be: referrer logs

new e-cards


October 9, 2002

same time, same place: but thankfully not the same time and place as last season

new e-cards

new wallpaper


October 7, 2002

angel 4.1: deep down review


October 2, 2002

beneath you episode recap


October 1, 2002

the minority report

wallpaper challenge


September 26, 2002

lessons episode recap

lessons quotes


September 24, 2002

lessons we've learned: our review


September 20, 2002


lie to me

cowboys in space!

new wallpaper

new e-cards


September, 13, 2002


link to us

more e-cards

what's my line part 1

what's my line part 2

article: who are these people?

e-mail notification of updates

new things to buy


September 2, 2002

more e-cards

reptile boy

inca mummy girl

article: top ten better ways to ship off that british guy

lies about us


August 19, 2002

274 quotes in the database

we start to recap season two:

when she was bad

some assembly required

school hard

dark age

article: that's gotta hurt: we break down the sex

faq for the uninitiated and uninformed

we recap the initiative

e-card launch



August 12, 2002

site launch

discussion forums launch

seasons one through six episode descriptions

season one recaps:

welcome to the hellmouth

the harvest

the witch

teacher's pet

never kill a boy on the first date

the pack


i robot, you jane

the puppet show


invisible girl

prophecy girl

we recap wrecked

article: scenes we can never watch again

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