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season six



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Buffy's dead. I mean, alive. I mean, it's Tara who's dead. Spike's evil. Or not so much. No. Evil. No, that's Willow who's evil. I mean, er, who knows what happened this season.


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The scoobies get tired of Buffy being all dead, because now they have to take care of Dawn, and slay vampires and pay the bills and stuff. So, they tell her to get over the whole dead thing already and come back and help. Giles decides that with Buffy gone, he's outa there. I guess they know who his favorite was now, don't they.












Buffy's back. But so's some creepy demon thing. They have to kill Buffy again to get rid of it. Oh, wait. That's South Park.





Jonathan's back! And Warren! And some dork who we haven't seen before. I didn't even know the hellhounds at the prom guy even had a brother!


The basement floods. Buffy's in over her head. Just like the basement. Get it? I knew you did.





Life Serial

Buffy decides she'd better get a job since her friends partied away her money while she was all dead. The geeks decide to mess with her, for the fun.











All the Way

Dawn dates a vampire. Buffy's all, do as I say, not as I do.







Once More With Feeling

They sing! They dance! They reveal their hearts and souls. And there's a bit of kissage too.







Tabula Rasa

Willow who used to be such a smart and cute girl, has completely stopped learning from her mistakes. Anya and Giles decide to never part.







Amy! Nekkid Spike! Buffy and Spike sex! Willow turns the show into Bewitched!














More nekkid Spike! Willow lying on the ceiling! She's become a crack whore! But when she drags Dawn along, we learn that's BAD. Did I mention a great deal more of nekkid Spike?









Well, there's this character who turns invisible and plays tricks one people. Wait... didn't they do that one already...?







Doublemeat Palace

Hope you like orange and yellow outfits, because Buffy's going to be wearing one a lot.

Dead Things

The funny geeky trio goes dark. Buffy goes a little crazy.






Older and Far Away

Those vengeance demons sure do like visiting Sunnydale. This time Dawn's made a wish so everyone will stay with her forever. I hope they can get grocery delivery over the Internet.






As You Were

Riley's back and he has an equally annoying wife!








Hells Bells

Anya, she's so pretty in white. Xander, he's such a big jerk in black.








Normal Again

All six seasons? See, Buffy's been in mental institution dreaming it all up. To get her life back she has to get rid of the delusions by killing all of her friends.







Anya's all bummed about Xander leaving her at the alter. So, she becomes a vengeance demon again and sleeps with Spike. Well, what else do expect a girl to do?








Seeing Red

Warren's finally got a clue and realized that no matter what supernatural schemes he devises, Buffy's always going to kick his ass. So he gets a gun and shoots her. Unfortunately, he's a bad a shot as he is at everything else, and while he only wounds Buffy, he manages to kill Tara. Willow is not pleased.







Whatever happened to "Which is ridiculous 'cause witches they were persecuted and Wicca good and love the earth and woman power and I'll be over here?" Turns out Xander might not have been too far off after all.







Two to Go

Killing Warren wasn't enough for Willow, and now she's after Jonathan and Andrew. In the end, we're all saved by Giles.







Willow decides to destroy the word. Xander saves her with a yellow crayon.


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