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Running. And bouncing.


Tru Calling


As much as we like Eliza, we didn't actually watch Tru Calling. We did, however, see the commercials, so we know she ran and then ran some more, and saw dead people, and tried to save them and stuff. We assume her breasts bounced a lot as well.

As we heard this show was fairly boring, Eliza running and bouncing aside, we figure we can just watch Bring it On when we get a hankering for Eliza's breasts. After all, it has the added bonus of JesseBradfordHe'sSoCute! Also, no dead people.


But you're not looking for movie recommendations (and why aren't you? huh? aren't our movie recommendations good enough for you? would we ever steer you wrong? would we? ok, maybe that one time.), you're looking for a recap, so here goes:


Eliza looks hot. Eliza runs. Bounce, bounce, bounce.


Eliza is right at home hanging out with dead people. They start talking to her! She scrunches her face. She acts tough but is fragile on the inside.


She runs some more. She must save the random victim of the week! She must! Otherwise the show will be really depressing and pointless.


Run, run, bounce, bounce, save, save, scrunchy face. Little smile.


The end.

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