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The pain of Angel spoilers


It's bad enough we have to see Lilah and Wesley in bed, and I don't know how much more we can handle. It can't get worse, right? And yet. It seems it will. It seems there will come a day that we will wish that what we were watching was only as bad as Lilah and Wesley with a belt on the kitchen table. But really, this is ME we're talking about, right? This is Joss, right? The man they all can't stop praising? So if anyone can make Cordy having sex with Conner and Angel walking in on it and then the gang cracking on Conner afterwards and calling him a "momma's boy" without the irony tasteful, I'm sure it's him.





And since the greatness doesn't stop there, I'm sure the Cordelia pregnancy storyline that may insinuate the child is Conner's will be a piece o'cake. Indeed.


So, like, is anyone but me thinking back fondly on the old days? When actresses were legally obligated to not procreate? Or when they did, they were required to wear large, baggy clothes or carry things in front of them or get kidnapped by aliens as penance, not written into storylines about sleeping with the suddenly-grown child of the man they love?


Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


And don't even ask us about Cordy and Angel sleeping together. After the aforementioned very wrong sex with Conner. Because we just can't talk about it now. Not now. Maybe never. But definitely not now.


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