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"OK, but are you killing me because I'm evil, or because you opened up?"


We’re mad at Buffy. Like, really mad. She killed Holden! What the hell? We liked him! He was evil. And funny. And had the potential to be diabolical in leather pants! What did she mean, there was no way she could let him out of that graveyard? She lets vampires go all the freakin’ time!


Oh, Buffy. How could you? It was Holden! You know, Holden from, uh, that class! You cribbed off his paper! He had major sex buddy potential! [He looked really good lounging in that crypt! I would like to have seen more lounging in crypts! Without or without a shirt! And he had such refreshing joy at being diabolical. Such pure happiness at simply being evil! -SP] And he wasn’t as dangerous, say, as:




Drusilla of the craziness. Drusilla of the indoor star seeing. Drusilla of the Kendra killing. Drusilla of the sucking the earth into the mouth of hell. In Lie to Me Buffy had a stake to Drusilla’s heart. She let her go. In Becoming 2 Buffy agrees to let her leave with Spike, as long as she never comes back to Sunnydale. Because it’s okay if she’s not killing people where Buffy can see it. In Crush, when Drusilla did indeed come back to Sunnydale, did Buffy kill her?


Yeah, right. And that’s not even Buffy’s worst offense. Oh no. There was also...




Spike, who killed two Slayers. Spike, who was proud of Drusilla for bagging herself a Slayer. Spike, who tried to sell Buffy and the Scoobs out to Adam. Spike, who tried to kill Buffy countless times before literally screwing with her. Spike who tried to kill her precious boytoy Angel. In School Hard Buffy just stands there and watches as Spike leaves the school he and his minions just attacked. In Halloween Buffy watches Spike run from the factory after she gets her powers back. In Lover’s Walk Buffy allows Spike to leave the magic shop and drive his little tushy out of town. In Primeval Buffy doesn’t stake Spike after he turned the Scoobs against each other and tried to have Adam kill her.



Are you sensing a pattern yet? Feeling the bitterness? Thinking, man, that Buffy sucks?


Well good! Because we haven’t even gotten to...





Angel the whiner. Angel the moper. Angel the leather pants wearing psycho killer. Angel the boyfriend/ex/boyfriend/ex/boyfriend/ex…In Angel Buffy finds out after a “passionate” kiss that Angel is a vampire. In Innocence he goes all evil and kills a hooker before trying to fry an entire mall. Apparently if she’s slept with you and you’re diabolical she lets you off with a warning. Okay, so, fine. She did eventually stick him through the heart and send him to hell in Becoming 2, but that doesn’t count.


The fucker came back.



Miss Holden too? As bitter as ST? Let it all out in the forums.