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Xander: You're going to live in that small room over there. I know it looks like a closet, but it's a room now.


Xander: Are you keeping up? Or you do you need some kind of English to constant-pain-in-my-ass translation?


Xander: Is there something more emphatic than hate? Can I revile the plan?


Xander: Crazy basement guy is better than stalking Buffy guy.


Buffy: No. A thousand gallons of no.


Dawn: First, you say Spike disgusts you, and secretly you're doing it like bunnies.


Anya: Thank you for the generous life-saving. Now please go away.


Anya: Willow's not very good with the practical strategizing. Except when she's evil. And Dawn. She's not really good for anything.


Buffy: From what you said, I'm sure he already noticed you. With the falling, and...


Xander: I'm just saying, once you get back the soul. Doesn't that mean you start like, picking up your own wet towels off the floor?


Buffy: So, do you have plans later, or are you just going down to the docks, wait for the fleet to come in?


Buffy: OK, first with the lapdance, now with the catfight. Hey, want to get drunk and barf next?


Dawn: I'm the pushy queen of slut town!


Xander: I'm sorry. It's just check out time was an hour ago. We were hoping to make up the bed. And also, it's a classroom, you chowderhead! Now get off the boy, Buffy. We're going home.


Buffy: Did you hear that? It isn't real. You're just crazy!


Buffy: You know, I'm extremely youthful. And peppy!


Lance: ...right before I started over at the pizza barn. I'm in the management program.


Anya: No Buffy for you! Leave quickly now.


Willow: He was walking away! So unless his soul is in his ass...


Dawn: What am I? Going to compete with you? You're older and hotter and have sex that's rough and kill people!

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