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 Well, evil just compounds evil, doesn't it?




evil compounds evil



Mostly, we like our own site, but since we're still adding to it, you may need some other places to go while you're waiting on our lazy asses.


Besides, we'd like to tell you where to go anyway.


Television Without Pity

They're as mean as we are.


Christopher Golden

He's not mean, but he is pretty snarky. We like it that way.

He's hella cool, yo.



Sparkly and snarky. What more could you ask for?


losers dot org

Possibly they're meaner than we are.


Simon Cowell

How our role model has yet to get his own official site, we have no idea. Until then, this page will have to tide us over.



Nick Brendon's Official Site

The first of the Buffy links. 'Cause this site rocks.



He was just so happy they got the mustard out.


Jane Espenson

She writes the stuff we really really like.


A Buffy Screencap Site

This is the best site we've found for episode screencaps.