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Who Answered Our Wallpaper Challenge?


A few weeks back, we issued our first wallpaper challenge. We had a lot of interest. People seem to like our extremely non-artistic, bitter wallpapers, created without a smidgen of talent. They seemed to want to contribute to our endeavors.






This was the thing.


They didn't actually answer the challenge.


Nope. It was all talk folks. You all suck. Seriously. Suck.


But then! A glimmer of hope in our darkness and despair!


Amberlynne submitted a wonderous wallpaper to us that fit all of the challenge guidelines! We love amberlynne! She doesn't suck! We couldn't even bring ourselves to mock her in our joy.


Instead, we decided to reward her with icons. Through stealthy measures (OK, by asking and then telling her it was none of her damn business when she asked why), we found out that she was partial to NSYNC's romantic classic, Up Against the Wall. And we gleefully found that we could mock her once again when we found that she's a Buffy/Angel 'shipper! Buffy! And Angel! When everyone knows Angel's one true love has always been Cordy! Remember all those times when he would blow off Buffy to hang with Cordy at the Bronze? But we digress. The important thing is that amberlynne gave us, once again, something to mock. Also, she didn't send us the size she asked, so we can call her a dumbass. In a french accent. Because of the fun.


So, we gave her the romantic story of Buffy and Angel, told through that shakespearean medium of icons. OK, maybe we threw in a few other things too, but mostly, it's the loving Buffy and Angel story. Or, OK, the Buffy and Angel story. Pieces of it. And stuff.


See amberlynne's wallpaper!


See her icons!


We thought that was it. We were bitter at the rest of you. All talk, and no good wallpaper.


But then.


We got another entry.


Now, this person talked about our "artistic endeavors". We first looked to see if it was actually addressed to us. Then, we looked at this person's wallpaper. And sites. And dammit. Those "artistic endeavors" looked a little different than ours. They actually looked all artistic and stuff. So, we feel we should get to mock simply because we were kept up nights thinking of what we could possibly mock. It's just not right.


So, instead, we're devoting an article to her site. Look for it next week. Sure, it'll be snarky, because we like our sleep! Being kept up nights trying to find things to mock is hard on us! We're more the slacker types than the staying up and working types.


See vyra's wallpaper!


See her sites!

Buffy dialogue database

Tangled Synthesis


And remember to check back next week for our feature article on why we're bitter that we just can't wrangle Photoshop like vyra can.