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Buffy episode reviews

Sorta like the recaps, only different.


lessons we've learned

Buffy's back for a whole new season. We're downright giddy at the thought of brand-new episodes to mock.


same time, same place: but thankfully not the same time and place as last season

Looks like some of those storylines that made us so bitter are gone for good. I rejoice until ST reminds me that they always come back.


after the end: we recap top model

A new episode of Buffy! Oh, wait...




Feature articles

We tend to like top ten lists. But don't hold us to that or anything.


What the bejeezus are Jaffa Cakes?

It started as such an innocent question.


Why Willow has always been gay, always will be gay, and thinks boys are yucky: a comprehensive guide to the clues evident throughout seven seasons

The clues were there all along.


The idiot's guide to continuity on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A handy reference for Marti and Joss, who are obviously tired and could use a little help.


Vyra's site kicks ass.

What else could we do but mock her?


Xander. The one without the superpowers.

Xander is the most courageous of all of them. We count down why.


"OK, but are you killing me because I'm evil, or because you opened up?"

ST is bitter about Holden. Really bitter. And SP sort of thought he was hot, so she's a little bitter too.


the minority report

So, we've got two new minority characters on Buffy this season. Who wants to place bets on how soon they become evil and/or die horrible deaths?


top ten better ways to ship off that british guy

Oh Giles. Please stop leaving us.


that's gotta hurt: we break down the sex

So, how 'bout that Spike and Buffy sex?


scenes we'll never watch again

They can't all be keepers.




To keep you confused.


who are these people?

A rundown of the characters we remembered to include.


faq for the uninitiated and wholly confused

You have questions? Well, it's doubtful we have answers, but we do ramble on quite convincingly.


got questions?

After season seven ended, we were still a little confused. We found the answers to those questions that plagued us most.




Joss writes other shows, ya know

But we're much too lazy to do much more than write an article about them every so often.


tru calling

Eliza runs. And looks hot.


angel 5.7: lineage

Face-Changing Cyborg Ninja Assassins!


angel 5.6: The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco

What the hell does that title even mean? Whataya mean, I have to watch the show?


angel 5.5: life of the party

Wait, didn't we already see Something Blue?


angel 5.4: hellbound

It's the all about Spike show!


angel 5.3: unleashed

We're starting to regret giving this show another try.


angel 5.2: just rewards

Spike was all burned to a crisp. But now he's back.


angel 5.1: conviction

We know. We did that top ten and all. But we thought we'd give it another try.


angel: the top ten

Ten good reasons we should just stop watching and end the pain.


angel 4.1: deep down

We have some concerns about this season of Angel.


cowboys. in space: our take on the Firefly premiere

We're intrigued. And willing to give it a shot. A stand-off gunslinging, standing on the dusty streets of a ghost town style shot. You know, because it's a western and all.




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