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season one  >  the harvest


When this episode starts off, Buffy's still in peril, Jesse still has a chance. Sorry, got ahead of myself before.


Anyway, Willow OK; Jesse gone now.


Then Giles gets to clue everyone in on the whole vampires and demons roaming the earth thing, and about how Buffy is a superhero without a cool outfit. But she can jump really high!


We get to see the scary master some more. He's all trapped (in an underground church apparently, but I so did not get that from the set. and either did ST) and has this plan to rise. Like bread!


The group figures out the whole underground tunnel thing, which ends up coming in handy A LOT in this show.


Well, if this Harvest thing is such a suckfest why don't you stop it?


So, Buffy's off to find Jesse and Angel pops up out of nowhere to be all cryptic and non-helpful. So out of character for him. Except not. Oh, and scared. Remember that when he's all "I help the helpless, I am the champion, my friends" in his big spin-off.








Xander again comes to save the day, they rescue Jesse only to discover that (aaaah!) he's a vampire, they get the hell outa Dodge (I'm summarizing here), the master is bad and evil, Luke is his vessel, they're gonna harvest themselves some ripe young high school students and won't that be a party.


Buffy needs to go out and find him this vessel guy to, uh, stop the end of the world. But her mom wants her to stay home even though "If you don't go out it'll be the end of the world." Exactly.


Buffy sneaks out, heads to the bronze, where all the young blood is (get it? hee.) Jesse's there, being all vampy and cool. Luke and his minions get all blood sucky, Buffy gets all slay like, Xander tries to reason with his dead vampire friend, but accidentally stakes him instead (bummer dude), and Buffy, believe it or not, averts the apocalypse and kills Luke the vessel guy. Woo and hoo.


Yesterday, my life's like, 'Uh-oh, pop quiz!" Today it's, "rain of toads."




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