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season four



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Buffy and Willow go to college. Iowa boy Riley is the sweet innocent boyfriend who turns out to be in this big Initiative government thing to hunt demons. And bore us to death. At least they brought back Spike.


Online now: The Initiative









The Freshman

Buffy doesn't like college so much. And a snarky vampire chick blows her whole groove and breaks her umbrella.












Living Conditions

Buffy thinks her roommate is a real demon. No, I mean a real demon.




The Harsh Light of Day

Since Buffy's last try with sex went so well, she decides to go for it again with some guy she just met. It works out great.


Fear, Itself

Haven't these crazy kids learned to stay in on Halloween? This time it's a frat party gone really really wrong. I mean, Dorothy from Wizard of Oz? What was Buffy thinking?











Beer Bad

Beer. It's bad.







Wild at Heart

Oz meets another girl who he feel he can identify with. Because after all, she's in a band too. Oh, and then there's that werewolf thing.







The Initiative

There's this boring military group in Sunnydale, doing zzzzzz......







A Native American tribe seeks vengeance by giving Xander syphilis. Anya is not pleased.














Something Blue

Spike and Buffy feel the passion. That could never happen. Must be a spell.









Everyone's really quiet during this episode.








Blah, blah, Initiative. Blah, blah, world is doomed. Again. Just like last time. And this other time. And the time before that. And don't forget the time that...


Anyway, there's this earthquake, giving Buffy some flashbacks to that whole death thing. She thinks that flashback is bad, she ain't seen nothing yet.


So, yeah, Marti wrote it.

A New Man

Giles is way bummed that his life sucks so much so he does what many of us have done -- he meets up with an old flame. Sadly, Ethan doesn't give him much lovin', and Giles goes all demony. Literally.






The I in Team

See, Riley and the Initiat-- zzzzz.....






Goodbye Iowa

Stop me if you've heard this one. See, there's this group called the Initiative. And they--


Oh, you've heard it? Never mind then.


But wait! There's more! The ever creepy Dr. Walsh, who so nicely died, has been giving her boys drugs so that... er, I'm not quite sure why she was giving them drugs. And they turn into icky sea monsters! No, wait. They get all addicted to them!


And they all sing:


I know that I can't take no more

It ain't no lie

I wanna see you out that door

Iowa, Bye Bye Bye


Bye Bye

Don't wanna have to visit you

Except we like RTBS and Monique too

But other than them you're fairly dry

Iowa, Bye Bye Bye







This Year's Girl

Remember how Buffy tried to kill Faith and bring her to Angel so he could suck dry her dead body? But instead just stabbed her almost to death, causing her to plummet off a building an end up in a coma? Right, well, Faith's back to even the score.








Who Are You

Faith in Buffy's body hits on Spike, but sleeps with Riley, so there's no accounting for her taste. Buffy in Faith's body gets captured by the Watcher's Council. Bummer.







Jonathan starred in The Matrix. And invented the Internet. And stuff. Damn he's hot.








Where the Wild Things Are

Blah, blah, Buffy and Riley sex. Blah, blah orgasmic walls, blah, blah more sex. Good lord, could we stop with the sex already? And then, of course, there's all the sex.






New Moon Rising

Oz is back! But Willow's a little bit with Tara now. So, Oz learns about the whole "if you snooze, you lose" thing.







The Yoko Factor

See, Spike is like Yoko. Except that no one likes him and he isn't actually dating any of them... yet.








Oh no! It's Adam! He's heading back to the Initiative! Watch out, you might get bored to death!








So, the Cheese Man wears the cheese, it does not wear him. Buffy plays in a big sandbox and Spike wants to be a watcher. Because the tweed looks so good on him. You think I'm making all this up?


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