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blinding torment




Angel. The Vampire. The Myth. The Brooder.







season one

Angel moves to LA and gets saddled with the half-demon, vision-having Doyle and everyone's favorite queen bitch, Cordelia. Unable to brood in peace, he opens Angel Investigations. Much helping of people ensues. Lessons are learned, Lindsey and Wolfram and Hart are introduced, people die, Cordy begins her long, painful road to being a nice person and someone with an appalingly sick sense of humor decides to bring back Wesley. I'm not really sure what we did to deserve that one, but it must've been a doozy.





season two

Darla, freshly un-undead thanks to W&H, spends much of the season fucking with Angel, both mentally and physically. The rest of the gang, now joined full time by Gunn, hang out and try to hold shit together. Also, Lorne and his wacky, wild way of the Karaoke is introduced, and Wesley somehow manages to get himself laid.




season three

Darla's back again, and now more pregnant than ever! That's right, the question on everyone's mind since the first time our favorite blonde necrophiliac seduced him out of his leather pants, "does he shoot blanks?" is, unfortunately, answered.





season four

Angel's son is back from the hell dimension and all angsty. Angel's angsty. The world's angsty. And Cordy's evil again. Finally.





season five

The gang works at the evil law firm of Wolfram and Hart, ostensibly to keep their enemies closer and to change the system from the inside, but really because they dig the presidential suite and the necro-tinted glass. Moral quandries and the long over-due death of Fred ensue.